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Optimization of seeds and fertilizers

The data recorded and georeferenced with our UAV can be used in numerous applications: Thanks to the exact knowledge of the distribution of the biomass in agricultural areas, the means can be applied precisely and according to the respective plant needs using modern distribution technology (fertilizer spreaders and crop protection sprayers with section management). Due to the exact dosage, the plants are optimally supplied, costs are saved and the discharge of the agents into the environment is minimized.

Roter Traktor auf dem Gebiet
Frau im Weinberg

Smart vineyard

The concept of the "Smart Vineyard" includes the development of new viticulture equipment. The focus is initially on soil management, spraying using drones and defoliation. Also part of the project is a network of sensors in the Wingert, which provides the basis for the status detection of the systems and the remote control of the devices with 5G technology: District administration Koch-Zell, University of Koblenz-Landau, TÜV Rheinland Consulting GmbH, the companies Vision & Robotics GmbH (sensor technology and software), AeroDCS GmbH (drones), Clemens GmbH & Co. KG (viticulture technology) and the wineries Kilian Franzen (Bremm) and FJ Weis (Zell).

Fawn prevention

Every year fawns die in agony during the field harvest. There are different methods of tracking down the fawns and saving them from the mower. UAV (drones) have also been used for rescue operations since 2017.


The animals can be tracked from the air with thermal imaging cameras. Only when it gets warm early in summer are the temperature differences often no longer sufficient for reliable detection. AeroDCS is currently working on a new and expanded detection method and will be carrying out initial tests with it in the coming season.

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