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aiSpecto - pipeline and line control with AI

Pipelines and long-distance lines are considered to be critical infrastructure and are therefore subject to special inspection requirements. As a supplement to the inspection carried out today at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks by helicopter flight, the use of artificial intelligence and UAV in remote sensing can reduce costs, streamline and improve the quality of the inspection. To set up the system, a research project within the MOWAI network is concerned with the development of an intelligent inspection system for flight operations.

Monument and


The three-dimensional recording of buildings is simplified by remote sensing and thus also cost-effective. With photogrammetric image recordings and laser scanning from the air, a digital twin of a monument or an architectonically valuable complex can be created. Our methods enable images with a resolution of 1 cm and a positional accuracy of less than 2 cm. This makes archiving the construction or the assessment of the condition even in hard-to-reach places easy and safe for the surveyor.


Bridges and


Roads and bridges are important traffic arteries and regular checks are particularly important. Whether road or bridge damage, inspections, upcoming renovation work, damage documentation, or the assessment of green spaces on motorways and country roads, the use of a UAV supports you in your daily work from the air. The inspection by UAV offers a comprehensive digital condition recording of the entire structure and helps to monitor the construction progress and the legally compliant documentation.

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