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Light immission

The progressive urban sprawl, the expansion, and densification of settlement areas and the creation of new commercial areas lead to ever higher nighttime pollution from light emission. On behalf of a Baden regional council and in cooperation with the WWL, the urban area was optically measured with night images after a methodological study carried out in advance. 12 square kilometers require 30 flights and generate 6,500 photos with a data volume of 170 GB. The quality of the evaluated data is impressive.

Biotope mapping

Modern biotope mappings record a large number of features relating to the structure of the biotopes, species endowment and vegetation. As part of a transnational moor protection project on the border between Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, we documented the conservation status of important species and habitats using photogrammetric methods. To fulfill the order, we created a very high-resolution digital terrain and surface model in combination with the corresponding orthophotos. The aerial coverage of the recordings encompassed about 1,000 hectares, the recordings allowed the mapping of a ground resolution of more than 4 cm.

2020-04-07_Degermoos_Erste Ergebnisse_01
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Medical transport

Blood - Vaccines - Emergency

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