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SwanRisk: Erosion Control in Georgia

Landslides, rockfalls, avalanches and floods are the external expression of climate change in the mountains. Using the example of a lead project for risk management of natural hazards through monitoring and the creation of risk models in the Georgian region of Svaneti.


Methods of telecommunications for the development of improved forecasting methods will be tested over the next 3 years. The goal is engineering solution concepts and security concepts for future construction measures in risky slope areas.

Point clouds for 3D models

The three-dimensional recording of geometries in the real existing physical world is a useful addition to conventional documentation methods using photogrammetric methods. Georeferenced point clouds can be easily displayed in 3D postcards or can be output in analog digital printing without any detours. Whether as a tourist souvenir or as an architectural planning basis for structural changes or further developments - from the view to the touch

it is a short way.


3D measurement

It is easy to measure in space based on recorded geometries. The measurement of roof areas for the preparation of offers by roofers, providers of photovoltaic systems, or landscape maintenance is much easier based on images from the air than with a physical inspection.

The determination of quantities in open-cast mining or road construction is also easier and more cost-effective based on UAV-based photogrammetric methods than conventionally created on the ground.

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