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Automated path  Documentation

Documenting the access routes as part of the forestry work is an important task in order to be able to find the old driveways after recurring vegetation in the new forest. Up to now, this process has been carried out manually with great effort. In cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate State Forests and the Neuhäusel Forestry Office, AeroDCS has developed a method to carry out the recording based on current and extremely precisely geo-referenced maps with image recording by drones and small aircraft.




The reforestation of windthrow areas has led to increased afforestation activities. Cost pressure and the demand for rapid implementation pose great challenges for those responsible.

The remote sensing methods help to examine reforested calamity areas with optical and multispectral cameras and to regularly document the physical status as well as the supply of nutrients.


early warning system

Bark beetles

AeroDCS relies on proven remote sensing methods for early detection. UAVs, ie "drones" and aircraft, equipped with cameras and sensors are used. They generate images from all possible angles, collect data such as temperature and humidity and then evaluate them with powerful computers. The development of a ready-to-use product will start in spring 2021, which should be available by the end of 2022.

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